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Glulam handbook


Handbook (pdf 2 MB)

This handbook is a result of the Nordic Wood project  the Nordic Glulam Handbook. Nordic Wood is the name of the research and development programme of the Nordic timber industries, aimed to strengthen the competitiveness of timber. Nordic Wood was initiated by the Nordic Industrial Fund and the programme was carried out during the period 1993-2000 with a budget of 225 million Norwegian kroner. The programme was financed by the Nordic timber industry, the Nordic Industrial Fund and the national R&D organizations  Skov- og Naturstyrelse in Danmark, TEKES in Finland, Islands Forskningsråd, Norges Forskningsråd and NUTEK in Sweden.

In the project Nordisk Limträhandbok, P99024, the following companies have taken part: Finland: The Finnish Glulam Association/ WoodFocus Finland, Vierumäen Teollisuus Oy, Kuningaspalkki Oy, PRT-Wood Oy, Kestopalkki Oy, Jetlink Oy; Norway: Moelven Limtre AS; Sweden: The Swedish Glulam Manufacturers Association/ Svenskt Limträ, Långshytte Limträ AB, Martinsons Trä AB and Moelven Töreboda Limträ AB.

The main object of the handbook has been to produce a handbook which is easy to update, distribute and use. In order to achieve this, the handbook is available both in printed and electronic form. The handbook exists in four language versions  English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. The contents in the different versions are adapted both to Eurocode 5 and the associated NAD (National Application Document), and to the timber building regulations in the country concerned.

The project work has been financed 50% by the Nordic Industrial Fund and the three countries' R&D organizations TEKES, NFR and NUTEK and 50% by the co-operating glulam manufacturers in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The steering group has consisted of:
Lennart Axelsson, Svenskt Limträ AB and Moelven Töreboda Limträ AB; Petri Heino, Finnish Glulam Association/Wood Focus Finland; Åge Holmestad, Moelven Limtre AS.

The working group has consisted of:
Olle Carling, Olle Carling Ingenjörsbyrå AB; Holger Gross, Gross Production AB and Svenskt Limträ AB; Veijo Lehtonen, Late Rakenteet Oy; Åge Holmestad, Moelven Limtre AS; Rune Karlsson, Långshytte Limträ AB; Tomas Sundström, Consultec Byggteknik AB.

The handbook describes certified glulam, deals with important precautions and gives advice on the design of glulam structures. It also shows some of the numerous applications where glulam structures are used today. The chief author has been Olle Carling. A reference group consisting of user representatives from each country has taken part in various stages. The members of the group have been Mika Leivo, Mikko Viljakainen, Jussi Vepsäläinen, Finland; Sverre Wiborg, Norway and Dan Engström, Sweden. Parts of the contents have been kindly placed at the disposal of the project by Håkan Persson, Tyréns Byggkonsult AB and Martin Gustafsson, AB Trätek. The translation into English has been made by James Codrington, Transark. The Finnish translation and adaptation has been made by Heimo Pystynen and the Norwegian by Åge Holmestad and Harald Bjerke.

The data system for the electronic version has been developed by Consultec Byggteknik AB with a web-like interface. The system has been designed with different data bases to handle the various language versions. A number of interactive functions make it possible for the user to get the right glulam dimensions quickly and easily.

To be sure that one has the latest contents, the user is referred to the electronic version which will be updated regularly as the need arises.